Titbit: 57:21:24:25

Only 57 days and 21 hours now until the release of the Blu-ray edition of Twin Peaks, considered by many to be the best TV series ever made.


Click on the countdown image above to go to the new posting at the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” site where they have a very brief video of David Lynch talking about the new Blu-ray release.


It seems certain now that the Blu-ray release is for sure going to contain both the complete Twin Peaks series including the full version of the pilot episode, plus a never-before-existing ‘directors’ cut version of the Twin Peaks movie “Fire Walk With Me”.

What we still don’t know is if the Blu-ray release is going to contain a 16:9 pan’n’scan version of the TV series. I for one am hoping it does, but there is a large contingent of purists that want it to only be available in the original 4:3 aspect ratio; as it was originally filmed and shown on TV.


If anyone knows any more then please post a comment about it.