Working towards more posts about photography

TagCountsWhen I first started this site the plan was to use it mainly for photography posts. If anyone has noticed the credo on the right hand side of the masthead says “All time is wasted wot (sic) is not spent taking photographs”. So I am sure wasting a lot of time because I have not spent much time taking pictures over the last ten years or so.

There were a couple of amazing outings a couple of years ago with SCN. But since then there have been zero serious picture taking outings. I have a lot of ideas but I don’t execute them.

So my new plan is to increase the number of posts relating to photography. My goal for the end of the year is to have more photography posts at this site than any other posts. At this point, based on my tagging, the highest number of posts are related to technology and computers. This count is currently at 151.

The count of tags for photography is 124.

By the end of the year my plan is that the number of tags for photography will be the highest of all the tags.

Taking pictures is a bit harder for me because I don’t want to take “yet another sunset” or “yet another beach picture” or “yet another pet picture” or “yet another boring landscape picture”. You get the idea. I want to take pictures that are a bit different. Pictures that, if you were to search for them on Flickr or Photosig or Instagram or 500px you probably would not find anything with the same name or tag or description.

I have put a reminder in my calendar to check the counts again in the middle of the year to see if I am closing the tags gap between tech/computers and photography.