Titbit: 24:20:24:20

There are now just 24 days and about 20 hours until the release of the Blu-ray Director’s Cut edition of Twin Peaks—assuming this is what they actually call it.

I seriously hope it comes out in Australia the same time it is scheduled for the UK and USA.


David Lynch, the creator and director of Twin Peaks, has stated that the new Blu-ray version will contain “never seen before content”. You can check out a short video of David on this topic over at Welcome to Twin Peaks (here).

If I had the money I think I would try and arrange a special screening of Twin Peaks over a number of weeks. We could do two or three episodes a night once a week with a break between each episode for ‘damn good’ coffee and ‘great’ doughnuts and cherry pie—which will mean something to fans of Twin Peaks.

Sigh. Why does it take money to do anything fun?