Sansa the itty-bitty-kitty

We have a new cat (kitten) in the house. My son’s girlfriend was keen to get a kitten and with 14 cat-years on his clock our existing house cat, Jazz, was getting close to the end of his run. So the girlfriend started putting the wheels in action to get a kitten.

As things ended up working out Jazz went off to cat heaven the day before the kitten was to be picked up.

She has called the kitten Sansa.

Following are a couple of snaps of Sansa who is a lilac Burmese. Personally I am not really seeing the lilac part of this. She is more like dirty cream. But anyway . . .



Sansa is little more than a handful although in these pictures it is hard to judge her size.

These shots were taken using existing light which was provided by a skylight on an overcast day. The shots were taken using my Pentax K-3 with the sensor at ISO 800.

<<< Edit 30th July, 2014 >>>

The son’s girlfriend has reminded me that she was recently upgraded to ‘fiancé’ and is no longer just a girlfriend. I will be careful to get this right in future posts.