Washed, vacuumed, and polished ‘Faithful’ over the weekend

Starting on Friday evening and extending through the weekend my son and I washed, vacuumed, and polished Faithful. Faithful, or more completely ‘Old Faithful’, is the name I have given to my red 2005 Subaru Forester XT.

My son did the washing and vacuuming, and I did the polishing using FW1.

About a month ago we had someone knocking on our door one Saturday morning, and my son’s girlfriend, oops I mean fiancé, answered the door. We rarely answer the door at our place because nineteen times out of twenty it is someone selling something. But the fiancé wasn’t aware of this rule and answered the door. And it was someone selling something.

They were selling FW1.

FW1, for those that don’t know, and I didn’t before that Saturday, is car wash and polish in one in a spray can. You spray a bit on, rub it around, then buff it off, and it magically washes and polishes—apparently. Seemed to work really well when the door-knocker was demonstrating it to me and my son’s fiancé.

In the end I bought a can, thinking at the time that I would probably never end up using it.

But I did.

I FW1’d my car. I did it over two days. It’s not easy for an old fart to rub-on-buff-off for a whole car using a couple of micro-fiber cloths.

Old Faithful has not looked so good, inside and out, for a long time. It was almost a sad thing driving her to work on Tuesday.

Following is a picture of Faithful on Tuesday morning before I took off to work.


It had been raining that night so you can see the beading water droplets on the bonnet.

Faithful is nine years old and has 215,000 kilometres on the clock.

The following picture, which shows the water beading a little more dramatically, was taken outside my motel unit on Wednesday morning.


The following picture is a crop taken out of the picture above from just below the turbo cooler scoop to the left as you look at the picture.


So at this stage I am pretty happy with FW1. I have not used any other wash-and-polish in one spray cleaners so I can’t make any comparisons; but it seems to do what the door-knocker said it would.

It also removed most of the staining from the headlights as he said it would. That slight yellow blemish that was on the headlight is not completely removed but about 70 percent of it came off.