What truck?

I have a guilty confession. I recently created a Facebook account. Something I thought I would never do because “Real IT people don’t use Facebook”. This is a well known fact, or as they say on Game of Thrones: “It is known”.

Okay. Having got past that confession, following is one of my recent posts to Facebook. The picture is from 500 pixels. Now and then I find a picture on 500 pixels I really like and post a reduced resolution crop of it to Facebook; making sure to mention the name of the person who took it and always providing a link into the actual picture at 500 pixels.

Anyone who knows me will know I am into old rustic stuff—buildings, tractors, trucks, cars, fences, trains, carts, etc.

Please read the words before checking out the picture.


I love the second comment: “What truck?”

Following is a slightly less reduced and cropped version of the picture. Clicking on this picture will take you to the actual picture on 500 pixels (in a new Tab).


The picture was taken by Tri Tran and is called “Emily Lynn”.

Seriously but, anyone know where there is a truck like this within an hour of Perth. I really would like to photograph it. Look at those amazing colours on the bonnet.

<< Edit, 16th August >>

I found another picture on 500 pixels of that old Dodge truck taken by Tri Tran. I know it’s the same truck because it has the same name—”Emily Lynn”.