Lichen and grass growing on old lilac tree trunk

Seriously. It’s hard to think up useful titles to posts.

In line with my plan to take and post more pictures, here is a picture I took on the way to work this week.

Like most of my pictures this was taken as RAW so I have maximised the dynamic range. This is not a HDR image. It comes from one RAW shot on my Pentax K-3.


There is a lot going on is this picture. There is the yellow-green lichen on the fence post and on the tree trunk. There is the concrete coloured ‘stuff’ on the tree trunk, which I am assuming is dead lichen. Then there is the grass growing in little niches further up the trunk which you can just make out in the shadow. The strong sunlight coming through onto the truck and casting a strong shadow from the fence post also adds something. Even the rusting star-picket bracing the fence post on the right contributes, although you tend not to notice it at first.

With the bright light and dark shadow the exposure is a bit tricky and I actually took the exposure lock from from the patch of grass below the truck of the tree near the shadow of the fence post.