No “Like” button

Since recently becoming a user of Facebook I have realised that the Abalook site has a serious fault: no “Like” button.

Many users of Facebook are happy to click on the “Like” button, but posting a wee comment is just too much like hard work.

Having worked this out I decided that what I needed on my site is a “Like” button. Then those that don’t want to go to the effort of crafting up a comment could just hit the old “Like” button. At the time I sort of figured that this is probably a pretty standard option with all Web sites and all I would have to do was go into SquareSpace and enable it—something I must have missed doing when I set the site up.

But there is no option for a “Like” button option in version 5 of SquareSpace. To get a “Like” button it seems I have to upgrade to version 6 of SquareSpace. Regular readers will know that this is something I have been avoiding for at least a year because it is going to wreck the tight formatting of all my pre-existing posts.

But the reasons are building up for a move over to version 6 of SquareSpace:

  • Handles pictures better and has a gallery feature.
  • Automatically caters for use on smaller screen mobile devices (phones) and tablets, and automatically detects what device is being used.
  • Allows for posting of wider pictures in the main blog; up to 900 pixels wide compared to 650 pixels with this blog.
  • Has a “Like” button option.

My current contract runs out at the end of next month and I am planning to have a three month break from work. Maybe I will have a look at converting over to SquareSpace 6 during that time. Something that always holds me back is that I will no longer be able to key and post from Microsoft’s Live Writer. Such is life: moving forward ALWAYS involves some degree of going backwards (the trick is not to go TOO far backwards).