Gate Series 2: Second level of Pickering Brook tennis courts

My first posting in my ‘gates’ series was of the first level of the old abandoned tennis courts at Pickering Brook. This second series of two pictures is from the second level, which is about 1.5 metres lower than the first level.

The first picture below shows a Western Australian golden wattle in full bloom and like the green grass in the first ‘gates’ picture (here) it is glowing yellow from the sun being behind it. This has also caused a slight fun flare in the picture but I won’t tell you where it is—see if you can spot it.

Being in the foreground and being so bright, the golden wattle almost takes over from the primary subject; which is the gate. But it is the gate that has focus and exposure was taken from the ground just below the gate. Which is why the wattle may seem slightly out of focus and a tad over exposed: that’s because it is.


The second picture has been taken from inside the first court and features the gate in the fence between the first and second courts. Also in the shot are the rusted old steps going up from this second level to the first level courts.

Notice that the galvanised pipe used for the side of the steps has not rusted but the tread-grate steel used for the steps has rusted badly.

A third element of the this shot is the gate at the top of the steps going from the second level into the first.


As usual there are 1600 pixel wide versions of these pictures in my SmugMug folio. Clicking on either of the pictures above will open the SmugMug version of the picture.