Rustic Local Rock Farm Shed

This picture was taken in 2001 using a Sony Cybershot. From memory the Cybershot was 5MP, and it would not have been a half-frame (i.e., APS-C) sensor camera. It was also not a interchangeable lens camera. Even so, it did not do that bad a job with this picture.

I cannot remember where this picture was taken. There was this decaying local rock shed next to a tree. They just has to be photographed.

Even this old picture managed to get 87 in 500px Pulse points.

I remember how much I liked this shot back in 2001 when I took it. I loved the brown hues and rustic appeal. Even the tree truck joins in with the brown hues.

Look at the rock work on the bits of the wall that are remaining. This 'shed' was likely hand-made by the original property owner.

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