Gates Series: Latest in my series on gates--South West Highway near Pinjarra

The following gate pictures were challenging. Like many of my gate pictures at this stage, this gate is another that I have gone past many times going up and down the South-West Highway each week for four and a half years.

The challenge was shooting almost directly into the sun. This makes exposure very tricky and was going to test out the dynamic range of the a6000. Any HDR enthusiasts reading this will be thinking I should have done a HDR, but while I dabbled in HDR pictures a couple of years ago I did not want to use that technique.

So my plan was to expose for the bottom two thirds and then try and recover detail and colour in the processing.

This approach has more or less worked but I have ended up with a very washed out sky in the top right of the above picture in in the centre of the second picture.

In a way this washed out sky kind of looks good. Well, I have got used to it anyway.

I have to say that the dynamic range of the Sony a6000 is very surprising. The above pictures come from single RAW images.

Keen eyed readers may have noticed that there are actually three gates in this gate picture. There are two gates tied together forming the gate onto the property. The third gat is a much more modern gate on the dividing fence.

I also like the colours of the dead and dying grass on the near side of the main gate. This grass has obviously been sprayed to kill it off and it is starting to turn brown and die. The grass on the inside of the gate is lush and green.