Custom made gates at Pagerup—down south

A couple more gate pictures in my ongoing series on gates.

This rather interesting gate was found at Pagerup—down south. I seriously doubt there is another gate anything like it anywhere. It was obviously custom made. If not by the current owner of the property then by some previous owner.

I would have loved to have got a picture of these gates closed so that the intricate iron work at the bottom of the gates could have been shown off better.

In the close up of the top of one of the gates and the gate 'post' at right you can see that there is some kind of fruit featured in the iron work. This property is sort of in apple country but the fruit seems too small to be apples. So I am going with cherries.

I always like the look of rust on my gates. Rust provides gates with those beautiful brown, yellow, and orange tones. As you can see there is some rust coming through on these gates.

Don't forget to click on the images to see them bigger—although this is probably only useful to do if you are using a desktop computer with a larger screen.