If you can't get Miranda or Gigi, then what's a good way to add a splash of glamour to your photographs?

That has to be the longest heading I have ever used on a posting. But yeah. So. If you can't afford Miranda Kerr or Gigi Hadid, then what other approach can one use to add a hint of glamour and/or sexiness to one's photographs?

Some photographers go for fast cars, or maybe soft sexy candle-light, or you can go for that glamour style edge-glow lighting effect. But none of these would really work with the landscapes and rustic themed pictures that I take.

Miranda Kerr

A sexy fast car would be too big to cart along, and then getting it into many of my pictures might prove very challenging. Take, for example, a rustic falling down old chimney out in the middle of a paddock somewhere. While a bright red Ferrari in the background would almost certainly add a dash of sexiness to the picture it might prove a little hard to get into place—even assuming there is a gate into the paddock somewhere.

Gigi Hadid

Anyway, no way I can either afford to buy or rent such a car. It would probably be cheaper to actually get Miranda or Gigi.

As for the glamour style edge-glow; I don't see that approach working that well on a picture of an old gate.

 And I don't see soft sexy candlelight working with landscapes.

But there is this idea I have been tossing around for some time—years evens; maybe decades. What about placing a pair of sexy high heels in the picture? To most people, males and females, high heels are associated with glamour, sexiness, and general all-round hotness.

It is not often you see a serious glamour picture of a model where she is not wearing eye-catching high heels.

So, based on the principle that high heels are always sexy, even if there is no actual girl anywhere in sight, then this idea started to form in my mind. What about subtly placing a pair of eye-catching sexy high heels into the picture.

Then once you get that thought embedded in your mind, then the next obvious question that comes to mind is "What high heels to use"? Well after months of thinking about this—seriously, months—I decided it really had to be YSL Tributes. Any other make or style of high heels would just be second best; and as I might never get to take these pictures again then why would I settle for second best?

So, after thinking about it for at least another two months, I finally made the move and ordered a pair of light blue Tributes via the Farfetch Online store.

In my next post of this subject I will cover the un-boxing when the Tribute's finally arrived.