Who knew? Gigi Hadid has a sister—Bella

Who knew that Gigi Hadid has a sister, Bella?

Well we certainly know now after the Huffington Post headline "Bella Hadid wears giant slit with a little bit of dress attached".

Links to Huffington Post article

Links to Huffington Post article

The pictures of Bella in her mind blowing red split dress are all over the Internet; and no wonder. She makes a pretty stunning image in those heels and that dress.

There was some speculation on the Web as whether Bella was wearing panties under that slit, errr, dress. I am totally sure she was. In the first two pictures you can just see the tiniest little hint at the very top of the slit of red malfunction 'insurance' the same colour as the dress.

All the same, a very stunning effect.

I wonder what that outfit cost? The heels alone are probably in the range of AUD$1,000.