Un-boxing of the YSL Tribute 105s

So here is the next bit of my cunning plan to add some glamour and sexiness to what would otherwise most likely be boring pictures. If you are not across what I am talking about then check my post "If you can't get Miranda or Gigi, then what's a good way to add a splash of glamour to your photographs?" (here)

My plan is to introduce a hint of surprise, intrigue, and glamour to some of my pictures by putting a pair of sexy high heels in the shot somewhere. The surprise will be that for most of the pictures where I use the Tributes you would not be expecting to see high heels in the picture. The presumed intrigue is supposed to come from the thought that if there is a pair of sexy high heels laying about—kind of abandoned—in the picture, then somewhere not too far away is the barefoot girl who left them there. And the sexy bit comes from ... well ... let's face it; high heels are just gosh-darn sexy (practicing a bit of American slang there)—to most men anyway.

So, as promised in the Miranda and Gigi post, here are a couple of pictures of the un-boxing of the seriously sexy YSL Tribute 105 high heels that I purchased online from Farfetch just for this very purpose. And yes, they were actually shipped from Paris.

I especially went for the powder blue colour because blue is a colour that does not occur that often in nature at eye level and, quite possibly due to this very fact, it is a colour that our brain takes extra notice of. Which, not too surprisingly, is the reason that blue flashing lights are used on police, ambulance, and fire emergency vehicles.

Also the other main option was probably red and I didn't want to go with the obvious choice.

Egyptians loved the colour blue because of the way it grabbed the visual attention of someone seeing it.

So, based on this attention-grabbing characteristic of blue I should be able to place the YSL Tributes in a picture, even at a distance in scenes where one would least expect to encounter them, and they should still catch the viewer's eye.

In my next post on this subject I will share some of the back-story on purchasing these sought after and desired shoes from Saint Laurent.