Was Bella wearing her PPP? YES!

Here at Abalook we like to tackle the BIG questions. The things that are really worrying people and keeping them up at night—well the males anyway.

I note that there is still a lot of discussion on the Web about whether Bella Hadid was wearing any kind of pussy-peek protection (PPP; not to be confused with PPE*) when she was wearing that amazing slit with a some dress attached (see my related posting here).

The answer is yes. She was. And if you don't believe the hint of evidence that I pointed out in the posting linked above, then here is even more compelling evidence as presented by a contributor on Reddit.

I have found a much better quality version of the picture referred to on Reddit and then enlarged, and digitally enhanced the zone in question. The section of the picture I have worked on is indicated in the image at right by the red shading.

Now, as you can clearly see (well, almost clearly, considering this is a grainy and noisy 1:1 enlargement of the area under examination—so to speak) Bella is wearing suitable PPP. The PPP, as I suggested in the posting linked above, is the same material/colour as the dress.

See that little bit of red PPP doing its job between her legs?

And you can also clearly see the top of the high-cut panties in the slit opening at the top of the slit.

I rest my case.

Bella's dress was no doubt designed NOT to open the slit to the height of the panty band and thereby keep the mystery alive; and in the various pictures of Bella in this dress you can see she is working hard to keep the slit closed just enough not to reveal the top of the panties.

Also—as pointed out in the Reddit discussion—the top band of the PPP has been cleverly crafted to sit under the waist band of the dress, thereby eliminating any chance of detecting a panty line under the dress.

* PPE = Personal Protective Equipment