Hotham River burst its banks (Feb, 2017)

I was down Popanyinning way a few weeks ago on the 11th Feb (2017). This was back when the lower-south wheat-belt area had about three or four days of continuous rain from the tail of a deep low that almost became a cyclone up on the north coast.

There was so much rain that the Hotham Riverburst it banks between Pingelly and Popanyinning.

The following picture shows the Hotham as it goes under the bridge near the start of the Hotham River Nature Reserve on the Great Southern Highway. I am sure this bridge crossing has a name, as most do—but I cannot remember what it is called.

As you can see from the blackened trees and the new growth on the trees to the left, it was not that long ago earlier that summer that a bush fire went through here. And now its flooding!

This next picture is the view to the right of the above shot.

For anyone who know this area scenes like this are amazing. The Hotham River is actually usually kind of more of a wee creek and is normally only about two metres wide. In winter, if we get a bit of rain, it might get up to four metres wide and the water might actually have a little bit of speed to it.

As you can see from these pictures, the Hotham at this time was about 80 metres wide on the west side of the bridge; and running fast.

My final picture shows the wide-load bypass in the Popanyinning town site. This bypass road needs to be used by wide loads because the town bridge over the Hotham is only a single narrow lane.

As you can see, it was still raining while these pictures were being taken. I had to take great care not to slip over in the clay mud.

In all, a great day spent in Popanyinning taking pictures—even though they don't have a pub there!