Rule 5: Twin Peaks and Sherilyn Fenn

This is sort of a blended post. It is really featuring Sherilyn Fenn but it happens to include some thoughts about Twin Peaks—the most amazing TV series ever released.

Sherilyn Fenn played Audrey Horne in the series Twin Peaks. Audrey was a friend of Laura Palmer's, and almost anyone alive in 90's would know, Season One and part of Season Two is all about who killed Laura Palmer.

Sherilyn did a spread for American Playboy and I had to look hard around the Web to find a good scan from this issue. I wish people who did scans from magazines would learn how to do it. You can't just simply put the picture in the scanner and scan it with default settings. It will come out looking like crap.

Fortunately I managed to find a scan from that edition of Playboy (at right, click to englarge). As you can see, she was a stunner in her day.

When I started looking through the Web for pictures of Fenn I expected to find a significant number that I would be able to pick from. As it turned out, there are suprisingly few good pictures available of this beautiful woman. By 'good' pictures I mean pictures of reasonable size and not too compressed—something like about 1000 to 1500 pixels wide with compression of no more than about 60 percent.

In a way I think it is kind of a pity that there are not a lot more good pictures available of this stunner from her best days.

This last picture of Sherilyn shows her in character as Audrey from Twin Peaks.

We know that Sherilyn will be in Season 3 of Twin Peaks, which is due to start on 21st May on HBO.

Sherilyn has also recently started her own official Web site which can be found here.

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