Market Share for All Mobile Phones 3Q2010

My previous post covered the 2010 September quarter market share for smartphones, but what I wanted to find was the market share for all mobile phone categories, and I have managed to find these numbers. I have summarised them in the following pie chart.

I got these numbers from an article on Engadget (here) and they are using numbers published by Gartner Research.


These numbers reflect the significant market share being lost by Nokia. For the same quarter in 2009 Nokia held 36.7 percent of the worldwide mobile phone (cell phone for my American readers) market. But Nokia are not alone in losing worldwide market share. The winners were HTC who picked up 0.1 percent, HTC picked up 0.7 percent, ZTE picked up 0.1 percent, and Huawei Tech who picked up 0.2 percent.

The really big gains were made by “others”. Others went from 16.2 percent of the market up to 33 percent—more than doubling their market share.

The interesting point buried in this huge gain by ‘others’ is that it means mobile phone buyers have doubled the number of mobile phones they have bought that were not one of the Top 10 brands.