The Perfect “C”

I first heard a woman referred to as a “perfect C” when I started work at the tender age of 15 at a mine site. I was employed as a Trainee Stores Clerk in a huge mining store and was thrown into the company of rough and tumble burly mining-type men of the late 60’s—way before “Safety is the Number One Priority” or “sexual harassment in the workplace” was even thought of.

My boss, the stores purchasing officer, was likeable and friendly enough, and he had an actual office. I spent the bulk of my time working in and around this office because that was where the card trays were which contained the stores stock records. It was my job to update and cost these records each time goods were ‘booked out of’ or ‘booked into’ the store.

The various shift foremen were all mates of my boss and, in some kind of unofficial rotation known only to them, they would all visit him a number of times during a working day. His office was like a sort of a refuge from their work for ten or fifteen minutes—now and then. They all smoked like chimneys on a cold winter’s night, as did he. His office was almost permanently filled with a haze of tobacco smoke.

His office was also the unofficial ‘library’ for these Senior Staff status employees and, along with the daily papers, contained a relatively good collection of, what in those days, was referred to as girlie magazines or reading material. These magazines, such as Playboy and Oui, were seriously tame compared to freely available girlie magazines of today like Zoo and People. You got to see soft-focus highly posed boobs, bums, and legs; and that was about it.

Three rather nice girlie type calendars also adorned the walls of the office. From memory none of these calendars were current (i.e., related to the year we were living in).

When I first heard the phrase “she is a f*cking perfect C” it was in relation to one of these calendars (every single sentence uttered in those days in that office contained, as an absolute minimum, one use of the universal adjective-verb-adverb ‘f*ck’ or ‘f*cking’).

I initially wondered what “prefect C” meant. Having been brought up in a small country town, and not yet having had a serious girlfriend, I had not been exposed to the mysteries and complexities of bra cup sizes. My immediate thinking at the time was that she was “C” grade—as in “A” grade, “B” grade, “C” grade, etc. But I thought this was a bit odd because then being a perfect “C” did not make an awful lot of sense, and to my way of thinking, she was for sure an “A” (if not an A+). She was stunning.

She was so stunning that I actually have a photograph somewhere, buried away in boxes that I will never ever go through again (how sad), that I took of that calendar hanging in that office.

But I soon worked out the the term “perfect C” referred to her boobies.

It would appear that not much has changed in 40 or so years.

According to the 2009 Askmen sex survey the bulk of men consider “C” boobies as the crème-de-la-crème of boobies. Question 34 asked “Which breast size do you prefer?” and you can see the results below.


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Even more interesting from this finding is that only 13 percent of men—about 1 in ten—have a preference for boobies bigger than “C”.

If you Bing “perfect C”—as I did, purely as part of the research for this post—you get pages and pages of Web sites telling women how to obtain perfect C breasts including things such as pills, exercise, putting on ‘managed’ weight, and surgery (either for enhancement, which is code for enlargement, or for reduction for women with bigger boobs that wish to trim down to the “perfect C”).

Interesting side fact:  Did you know that the human female is the only mammal whose breasts remain full or ripe even when she is not pregnant or suckling young. Quoting from Wikipedia a human female’s breasts “remain large throughout [their reproductive] lives and have evolved as a visual signal of sexual maturity and fertility”.

Another interesting side fact:  From Everything2 (a great site to look around and find stuff out) breast size has very little to do with a woman’s ability to suckle young. A woman with “A” sized breasts can nurse just as many babies as one with  larger “D” or “DD/E” breasts (assuming both are healthy and there's nothing wrong with their ability to lactate).