Titbit: Kaylee from Serenity—Jewel Staite Joins Blastr

Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee in the Firefly TV series and the related movie Serenity, has joined the people at www.blastr.com.

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I loved the Firefly TV series. I bought the DVD disk set and I have watched it at least five times over the last few years. If anyone puts together a Top 20 list of TV shows that really should have been allowed to run longer before being chopped off then Firefly would have to make that list for sure.

And anyone who has watched the movie Serenity—which is a movie that followed the Firefly TV series and clears up a lot of questions that go left unanswered when the Firefly series was cut off—does not need to be told just how awesome a movie it is. while you can watch Serenity and more or less work out what is going on it is a much more rewarding experience if you watch the Firefly episodes first; or at least have someone handy with you who has seen Firefly and can sort of give you key parts of the back-story at some of the critical points.