HSD: SPAM Contributing to Global Warming

I just had to find something to do as a HSD (Holy Snapping Duckshit) posting because I only have three of them in my categories so far.

So I found this in an Infographic at A New Domain. The picture links to the full Infographic posted over at A New Domain.


The energy consumed by the 62 trillion e-mails sent every year produces the same about of carbon dioxide as 1,600,000 cars driving around the earth.

A few more ‘facts’ from the entire Inforgraphic are:

  • The entire world will be connected to the Internet by the end of 2017 [and I am not that sure this is a good thing—but maybe].
  • In 2005 the US alone had a total of 10.3 million data centres and these data centres consumed enough energy to power the entire UK for two months.
  • Every month the Google data centres alone produce 260,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide.