HSD: FHM Australia Has Closed—but UK Site Still Going

Regular readers will know that FHM Australia published the last copy of their magazine in April this year (here). In that magazine they said they would be focussing their attention on the Web site.

I just went to the FHM Australia Web site, as I do probably about once a month, just to see how the other half are living, and this is what I got . . .


Seriously . . . I kid you not!

FHM is CLOSED in Australia.


It seems that the general availability of gazillions of ‘free’ bare booby sites all over the Web has killed off FHM Australia. Not that FHM Australia ever once actually showed bare boobies. But they did often feature babes in sexy high heels—which can sometimes be just about as good.

I know you are going to say “Oh yeah! Sure! As if . . .” when I jot this down, but I actually bought the occasional FHM, and went to the site now and then, to read the articles. Honest Indian I did.

Oh well. I can delete the FHM Australia site from my OneNote page of links to check from time to time.

FHM-MilaKunisInterestingly, as far as I can work out, all the other country issues of FHM are still alive and well, including the issues for Russia, China, Spain, India, and the good old UK.

Yep! The FHM UK site, which I understand is where FHM started off (but feel free to correct me on this if I am wrong), is still there. They currently have a small feature on Mila Kunis who apparently has different coloured eyes: her right eye is green and her left eye is brown (although they both look brown to me in the picture at right).

They UK site even has a dedicated ‘app’ for Android so I might have to download that onto my Acer Iconia Tablet and see how it works out. I would add that most free magazine ‘apps’ I have downloaded have been pathetic and I have simply uninstalled them about a day later.