The Roast: Kids go online for sex ed, find lots of sex, not much ed

Back on the 9th of July I did a post “Okay, That Was Funny: 43 Percent Were Boys” (here) about how 57 percent of teenagers did not enjoy sex the first time and the remaining 43 percent were boys.

I picked this up from a really fast and furious TV segment on ABC 22 called “Roast News”; a segment that I had never seen before and have not seen again since.

Well, because I was curious about it, I found the source and it is a Web site called, as you might have worked out by now, “The Roast”.


I even found the episode of The Roast that flashed past me in the motel room while I was working away at site, and it is even funnier to watch the second time around than it was the first. It is the episode from the 9th of July and for some reason this particular episode is not listed on the front page index of The Roast site, as you can see from the screen grab below.


Note, going from bottom right to top left, that there is no 9th of July. It goes from the 6th of July to the 10th of July!?! But after digging around in the background I managed to find the 9th of July episode buried away back there titled: “Kids Learn About Sex Online: Parents Too Busy Not Having It” and sub-titled “Kids go online for sex ed. Find a lot of ‘sex’, not much ‘ed’”.


I am not good with putting video directly onto a site so to watch the video you will have to click on the picture above and then play the video from there. If anyone knows how I could have direct-linked into the video please feel free to leave me a comment on how to do it.

I found this whole video very funny. Really. It is worth the two minutes it takes to view it. Have a look Smile