HSD: Girls and Boys ARE Wired Differently!

Personally I never fell for it. Not for one second. But for a while there between about 1975 and up to around the mid-2000s there was this view held by the ‘smart’ people that girls and boys had the same brain wiring at birth. Then as they grew older girls started behaving and thinking like girls because they were brought up as girls by their parents, and ditto for boys.

At the time there were numerous books written by the ‘fringe’ on this and how, as parents, there were certain things you should stop doing so you did not turn your girls into ‘girly girls’ and your boys into ‘brutish boys’ in the way they acted and thought about things.

So here we are now in 2012 and now numerous studies are telling us that—surprise, surprise—girls and boys brains are wired differently as soon as they start to develop in the mother’s womb. Girls are wired from birth to be more sensitive, giving, emotional, warm, social, and nurturing, whereas boys are pre-programmed somewhat opposite as dominant, aggressive, rule-conscious, less social, and predatory.

The strength of these various attributes in individuals depends on the DNA coding.

However the study that I came across that spurred me to punch this up did point out that about 10 percent of the sexes’ traits overlapped.