Mobil Oil's Pegesus: The Flying Red Horse

This is Mobil Oil's trademark Flying Red Horse zooming along up in the sky.

Before I got this particular picture I had tried many times to get a picture of this very horse. But every time there was something wrong with the image. I either had bad flaring from the sun, or it was overcast and the sky was full of clouds. In all it probably took something like four or five visits over three years to get this particular image as I wanted it. I really wanted a picture of the red flying horse against a nice clear blue sky—just the red, white, and blue.

This particular Pegasus was located along Bickley Brook road in someone's yard. It is (was) actually sitting atop a genuine Mobil pump-up bowser.

I am saying 'was' because it is no longer there. Nor are any of the other bits and pieces of service station memorabilia that used to be there. They have all gone. I would love to know where they have been moved to, so, on the off chance someone reading this know, please either leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

As you can see, this picture only got 9 votes on 500 Pixels and only managed a 500px Pulse of 62.5. I find it a tiny bit sad that a close-up of a garden bee or a rose flower can get 300+ votes and this gets 9. Such is the life of a photographer.

I generally don't like 'over editing' pictures but I might try some subtle effects on this picture and then re-posting it to see if I can get better than 9 votes.

Rosella Soups—Over 100 Varieties

People my age would remember the the catch-line of Rosella canned soups, which was "Over 100 Varieties".

This hand-painted sign, on the side of what was once a small general store in the town of Popanyining in Western Australia, is a masterpiece of sign writing from the past.

This picture was taken some time ago. I think it was probably around 2007. The sign writer who did it  had to deal with the brick face and the mortar between the bricks; and in those day they did not have computers to do up scale pain-by-the-dots types models for them. Not that there are very many actual sign writers left these day. Probably about 95 percent of all signage these days is done using 'stickers' that are printed in a workshop and then stuck up to look like sign writing. The 'art' in sign writing now is being able to apply a sticker to a clean surface and not get too many noticeable bubbles in it.

This old store has now been converted to a house, but fortunately the owners have not painted over this beautiful old sign—a least not the last time I saw it in mid 2016.

As usual, click on the picture to see it bigger and at high resolution if you have the screen to do it (i.e., probably don't bother on a smartphone).

Rustic Local Rock Farm Shed

This picture was taken in 2001 using a Sony Cybershot. From memory the Cybershot was 5MP, and it would not have been a half-frame (i.e., APS-C) sensor camera. It was also not a interchangeable lens camera. Even so, it did not do that bad a job with this picture.

I cannot remember where this picture was taken. There was this decaying local rock shed next to a tree. They just has to be photographed.

Even this old picture managed to get 87 in 500px Pulse points.

I remember how much I liked this shot back in 2001 when I took it. I loved the brown hues and rustic appeal. Even the tree truck joins in with the brown hues.

Look at the rock work on the bits of the wall that are remaining. This 'shed' was likely hand-made by the original property owner.

Click on the picture to see it larger—depending on the size and resolution of your screen.

Duck Floating in the Koi Pond

As mentioned in the main blog, this is my first posting to 500px that does not feature the blue YSL Tribute heels. I have not given up on trying to find an eye-popping picture featuring those sexy heels, but I thought at this point I would just throw in a few different pictures.

Even though, unlike all the pictures of the blue heels, this picture was just spur-of-the-moment and was not planned it still managed to get a 500px Pulse of 83.4.

It wasn't the Koi fish swimming around that caught my attention; it was all the blue hues on the wooden duck floating in the Koi's pond. Basically every colour on that duck is blue. The head might look black, but if you check it again you will see that it is a dark blue. Even the almost-white parts of the duck are actually blue. All these blues with the blue of the water just seemed to need photographing.

When I lined up to take the picture the Koi was not even in the shot. He/she came along just as I was about the push the shutter button.

As usual, click on the picture to see it larger—depending on the size and resolution of your screen.

Tributes at Falls Farm 03

Link back to reference in main blog.

Like all of the recent pictures I have posted, this picture was taken in heavily overcast conditions. Maybe that is why this short series of three pictures from Falls Farm has not managed to get much of a Pulse from other at the 500px site—they are a bit too bleak due to the lack of any sunshine.

In this picture the Tributes are on the old wooden slatted bench seat that is positioned under the sign saying "Carol's Garden". You can't actually see the ownership apostrophe in the picture, but I am sure it is there given that this sign was done some time ago—and therefore by someone who could most likely write the language correctly.

Again, as for the picture before, this picture did not grab the attention of other photographers on 500px that much. It only managed to get a 500px Pulse of 61.9. Of the 90 folks on the 500px site that viewed it only 7 decided to vote for it. A bit sad really.

What I am really trying to do is get a 500px Pulse above that magical 90 where the picture is elevated into the ranks of 'Popular' on 500px.

Don't forget to click on the picture to see it MUCH bigger and better (depending on your screen size).