Milestone I missed: 100th post since converting to SquareSpace 7

This is my 111th posting since I converted my site over to SquareSpace 7. That means that 11 posts ago I put up my 100th posting since the conversion and somehow I totally missed doing a post about doing the 100th post—which is a bit remiss of me as I generally like to highlight the 'milestones'.

Assuming that I make it to August this year that will mean I have been posting for six years.

With only about 20 regular readers these days I am not too sure why I keep posting. I think it is because doing up the posts is a bit of therapy and also this sites give me a tiny bit of a reason to take photographs; even though only 20 people probably ever see them.

Also, let's face it, who is going to post about the really important things if I don't? Things like:

  • 'Short back and sides' with a beer, bikini, and high heels (here)
  • Looks like fats are good for you again (here)
  • Twin Peaks art—great TP opening scene wallpaper (here)
  • Gates and the Swooping Magpie Vineyard (here)
  • [Sansa] I'll be fine, just get me a coffee (here)
  • Woolleen Station north of Mullewa, up on the Murchison (here)
  • Sophe Monk's semi-nude Playboy shoot (here)
  • All Ordinaries didn't make it to 6,000 (here) … and still haven't 4 months later
  • Sansa the weather monitor cat (here)
  • It's a lumpy old Earth (here)
  • Petrol price rip-off as the cost of crude falls (here)
  • Big data, Data Lakes, and Hadoop (here)
  • HSD: Emma Stone down at 48th … surely not … (here)
  • A person who owns a car … never happy (here)
  • As the news gets worse the bottles get bigger (here)
  • Lost Dragon last seen over Bayswater (here)
  • From Earth's POV, are we a virus? (here)
  • Finding the full model details of your computer (here)

Seriously, where else can you get articles of that depth and variety?