Cute Babe 10: Kate Upton

The last Cute Babe posting I did was Cute Babe 9 (how about that) which featured Emilia Clarke and was done over a year ago on the 7th of July 2012. Here is the proof!


The clip above links to the posting.

But it seems impossible that is it over a year ago that I posted that. That was before the last season of Game of Thrones aired. Unbelievable. How time really does fly.

It is definitely time I did my next Cute Babe posting.

So then, how to decide who to post. I decided to review FHM’s Top 100 Most Beautiful Girls in the World for 2013. For anyone who missed this the Top 10 for 2013 are:

  1. Mila Kunis
  2. Rihanna
  3. Helen Flanagan
  4. Michelle Keegan
  5. Kelly Brook
  6. Kaley Cuoco
  7. Pixie Lott
  8. Kate Upton
  9. Cheryl Cole
  10. Georgia Salpa

I find it a trifle sad that I only recognise six of these names. There was a time I would have recognised all the girls in the FHM 100.

So, which one to feature then? I put the names on pieces of paper and put them into a cup and drew one out. The winner was Kate Upton.


While she is not unattractive, Kate is not so much one of my favourites. She is a little too busty for my tastes.

As usual I have tried to dig a little deeper and find less commonly posted pictures of Kate for my Cute Babe posting.


She is obviously very popular as there seem to be hundreds of sites featuring her. Finding pictures to post was no problem. Finding less common hi-resolution pictures was a little trickier.




Hope you liked my selection. I will try not to go a year before doing my next Cute Babe posting. Any suggestions?


Hayden Panettiere ‘Chick of the Week’ on Chickipedia

I just happened to flick over the Chikipedia today and Hayden Panettiere is ‘Chick of the Week’.


The only thing I have seen Hayden in is Heroes. Remember Heroes? It was just about the hottest thing on TV for about 18 months. And then it just sort of died.

A quick check of Wikipedia shows that Hayden has been in heaps of things including ‘Scream 4’ (makes note to watch Scream 4 sometime), ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’ (in which she plays Beth Cooper), and about 45 other movies and TV shows going back to 1994 where she was in the daytime TV series ‘One Life to Live’.


Lately there has been a lot of speculation that Hayden has had breast enhancing surgery. Going on the before and after pictures floating around the Web it certainly appears like she might have had her primaries ‘enhanced’, but then pictures on the Web can be deceiving.

How does that saying go? Something like: “Only believe half of what you read, a third of what you hear, and about a tenth of what you find on the Web”.


I bet my pictures are better than anything you find at Chickipedia.


Nobody puts the work in editing-up images before posting them that I do … well … okay maybe some people do—but not many.


Random Hot Chick Post: Jane Levy

Fans of Superior Pictures will be familiar with Emma Stone look-a-like Jane Levy. She has been 5th on the Top 5 for a number of weeks now.

If you have no idea what Jane Levy looks like then that’s her below.


I have to confess I had never heard of her.

A check of ‘the book of knowledge’ (i.e., Wikipedia) tells us that her full name is Jane Colburn Levy and she was born in December 1989. She is an American actress and is best known for her role as Tessa in the ABC comedy series Suburgatory (makes note to watch a couple of episodes to see what it is like). Oh, and her natural hair colour is blonde—so she tells Allure Magazine anyway.

She has also been in two movies: Fun Size and Nobody Walks. I have to admit I have never heard of either of them.




100 million Tumblr sites—over 22,000 active sites featuring naked ladies

TumblrATI-1For those not familiar with Tumblr it is a blog hosting site similar to WordPress, Blogger, SquareSpace, and TypePad.

Tumblr is a little bit different to most mainstream blog hosting services in that it is slanted heavily towards ‘bloggers’ who want to run a blog where the centre piece of each posting is a picture (or pictures).

Tumblr makes it easy to share and re-share pictures.

Tumblr blogs don’t have to feature pictures (but they usually do).

One of the more well known Tumblr blogs is “all that is interesting” which tries to cover interesting stuff about history, animals, science, places, photography, and a number of other things.

The picture at right is from ‘all that is interesting’ and links to that Web site at Tumblr.

Well, assuming we can believe the Tumblr site counter page, sometime during March the number of Tumblr blog sites clicked over the 100 million count.


Just to make this point again, this single Web site service alone is hosting over 100 million blog sites. With all the zeros that is 100,000,000.

Within these 100 million sites on Tumblr there are 44.6 billion postings; that’s an average of 446 postings per site.

Every day 80 million new posts are made to Tumblr!!

Another highly visited more recent Tumblr site is the National Geographic 125th Anniversary site known as ‘Found’. On this site, which I am thinking of featuring in a separate post (if I ever get around to it), National Geographic are gradually releasing all their amazing images from their archives.

Following is an example from the ‘Found’ site (which links to the site).


But none of that is really the point of this posting.

The point is that within these 100 million Tumblr sites there is an estimated 22,000 active sites dedicated solely to pictures of bare, and almost bare, boobs. Sites like ‘Best Boobs Ever’ (here), ‘Nice Boobs Girls’ (here), ‘Boobs of the Day’ (here), ‘Boobs Kingdom’ (here), ‘Petite Tits’ (here), and ‘Soft Poses Eye Candy’ (here), and about 21,994 more.

For anyone who wants to do their own research on this to confirm these numbers then you could try doing a Google search along the lines of “tumblr blogs boobs” or something similar. Also just about all Tumblr site posts then give you references to other similar sites along with their pictures.

Notice the example in the following picture (picked off the ‘Soft Poses Eye Candy’ Tumblr site)—shown here purely for instructional purposes—that it provides the reader with links to two more Tumblr sites: (1) beautifulcurves (here); and (2) worshipthefeminine (here).


So using these other links, which will then in turn have pictures that refer to other Tumblr links, you can bounce around inside Tumblr for years.

Note that the Tumblr sites I have linked to above are, from the first couple of pages I checked, ‘soft’ R rated style sites. However beware that when you start trawling through the naked lady sites at Tumblr that they are not all ‘soft’ and many of them are seriously X rated.

But, back to the point. The point being that on Tumblr alone there are estimated to be 22,000 such sites. This gives you a tiny hint at how many such sites there are across the entire Webisphere (which may not even be a word, but it sounds like it should be).


Abalook featured on addicted-to-heels

I meant to post about this some time back, but I forgot. A couple of my postings have been featured on Addicted-to-heels. I knew about the first posting but I only came across the second posting featuring SCN recently (last night actually).

The first reposing from Abalook on Addicted-to-heels is of the R2D2 high heels that my son arranged for his girlfriend. You can find that article on Addicted-to-heels here. To check out the original article here at Abablook see the posting “Some Christmas presents just take a little more work” which can be found here.

The second posting at Addicted-to-heels that features Abalook is titled “Abalook at these heels … don’t mind if we do”. It features a couple of my postings of SCN from way back around October 2011—almost 18 months ago.

The source posting on Addicted-to-heels can be found here. They obviously got the pictures they have posted from my SmugMug account. How do I know this? Because if you click on the pictures at Addiceted-to-heels you get the larger higher resolution version of the pictures which they could only have got from SmugMug.

So I think it is only fair that I repost a few of the great pictures from Addicted-to-heels.




Love that first picture. Very nice.

All pictures above link to the start page of Addictedtoheels. It seems like a pretty safe site to visit compared to hundreds of other high heels sites around the Web which are X, XX, and XXX. However, even so, Addicted-to-heels is probably NSFW because there are some pictures of semi-naked ladies although you only get to ever see boobs, butts, and—with a name like Addictedtoheels—obviously legs; so it is very ‘soft’. If Addicted-to-heels was a magazine at a newsagent it would not be in a plastic sleeve.

Anyway, thanks to Addicted-to-heels for any additional visitors they bring, or have already brought, to my site.


Jennifer Lawrence voted ‘most desirable’ by AskMen readers

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of “The Hunger Games”, has been voted the most desirable woman by readers of AskMen and she made it to the top of the list by the largest margin since Askmen started their ‘99 most desirable’ women polls.

For anyone not familiar with Jennifer, that’s her below. I have a couple of other postings of her in my Hunger Games posting from back in March (which can be found by clicking on the first picture of Jennifer below).



For those who have not been to AskMen in the last two weeks or so, following are the Top 10:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence.
  2. Mila Kunis.
  3. Kate Upton.
  4. Rihanna.
  5. Emma Stone.
  6. Miranda Kerr.
  7. Kristen Stewart.
  8. Jessica Gomes.
  9. Jessica Paré.
  10. Michelle Jenneke.

I know the top 8 women in the list above but I have to confess, even with the hundreds of hours I spend weaving around the Web every week, I have not heard of Jessica Paré or Michelle Jenneke. A very quick check around shows that Michelle Jenneke is an Australian sportswoman so it is a bit embarrassing I had not heard of her. Jessica Paré is a Canadian actress.

I am not too happy with Rihanna polling above Emma Stone. Seriously. How can that possibly be? And I am not too sure how Kristen Stewart made it into the Top 10. She can be hot but mostly she’s not. To me she is more of a Top 20. For Kristen to look like Top 10 material she has to be perfectly made up, the lighting has to be spot on, she has to be using her “not totally pissed off at everyone” face, and the photographer has to have been trained by Playboy.

Whereas Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone will look seriously desirable even if they were made up by their mothers and the photographs were taken in the worst lighting by a rank amateur photographer.

Here is a final picture of Jennifer looking amazing at the premier of The Hunger Games.



HSD: Emilia Clarke blitzes Adrianne Palicki

HSDEmiliaClarkeThere are obviously a lot of Emilia Clarke fans out there. Just look at the weekly view count for my Cute Babe posting featuring Emilia Clark.

1,468 views for the last week.

Emilia got almost seven times the views that Adrianne at the number two position got and she got near 40 times the number of viewers that the fifth most popular posting for the week managed.

Emilia is currently very busy as season three of Game of Thrones is being made. Because the third book in the series is so big (992 pages, 82 chapters) season three is based on the first half of the third book (“A Storm of Swords”). It is currently slated for release mid-March 2013 although there have been reports of problems with weather during the ‘filming’ (is it still called ‘filming’?).

Season three will test the viewing public because it introduces twenty new ‘main’ characters and does away with a couple of series favourites—which will be known to those who have read the book.

I will leave you with these two bonus pictures of Emilia.




Bob . . . I am 98.5 percent sure it is Erin McNaught

Where else do commenters get this kind of response? I ask you!

Here is Bob’s question. Click on it to go to the actual posting.


ErinMcNaught01Well Bob, as you probably already know (I assume you had a look), they do not tell us over at who it is.

But I am 98.5 percent sure it is Erin McNaught.

At left is a close-up of the actual girl from the FHM site and then following are some good Erin McNaught examples so you can see what you think.

Is it Erin McNaught . . ?











Had To Share: Anne Hathaway in Full Costume as Cat Woman

I came across this as I surfed around the Web and I just had to share.


One of the new Batman movie posters showing Anne Hathaway in the full Cat Woman costume.

I have got to see this movie. It is getting awesome ratings. Reviewers are saying that it is better than ‘Batman—The Dark Knight’, and I think that was an amazing movie. The story line, the twists, and the acting of Heath Ledger made The Dark Knight very awesome yet reviewers are rating ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as better.

This might be the movie that gets me into a theatre after at least five years since I last went to a theatre.